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Retreats ~ workshops ~ intensives

retreat for therapists, healers, and helpers

in beautiful yelapa, Mexico

july 3-9, 2022

you spend most of your time giving to and caring for others. It’s your turn to receive. You deserve it, and everyone benefits when you make yourself a priority!


What better way to push reset than spending 7 days in a tropical paradise, being guided and held while you drop in and focus on your own needs for a change?  A visit to Yelapa is like stepping back in time, in all the right ways. You will experience a new level of safety, get more connected to nature and to yourself, and feel totally renewed.  Yes, this place really exists.  I’ve been there, and I want to share it with you!

more info can be found here.

weekend therapeutic intensive

attachment and self-compassion

august 27-28, 2022

learn about attachment styles and identify how your own attachment style, developed early in life, impacts your adult relationships.  additionally, learn and utilize self-compassion techniques, as you explore how your mind, body, and spirit hold memories, expectations, and desires that can guide you in your current and future relationships. 


$600 fee includes 2 lunches and over 12 hours of therapeutic activities.

more info can be found here.

therapeutic intensive

at center hill lake - sparta, TN

November 3-6, 2022

Resolve trauma through group experiential exercises, individual bodywork sessions, the power of nature, and a community of peers who are willing to see and be seen, through open eyes and an open heart. 


$1650 fee includes fresh, nutritious meals, chef-prepared on site, comfortable lodging in a large, lakeside home, access to multiple therapists, and all therapeutic activities. 


more info coming soon.

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