building resiliency - A virtual support group 

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This holistic and experiential support group will provide a space for you to talk openly about your emotional struggles, receive validation from your peers, and engage in mindfulness moments that allow you to be more present. In addition, you will learn skills and practice rituals that embrace body awareness, balanced emotions, and the deeper meaning of nourishment, all of which can help to sustain you in the days ahead.

A Retreat for healthcare professionals

nurture your inner healer

Cedar Hill Park - Madison, TN

Outside and socially distanced

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As healthcare professionals, we spend a lot of time caring for and nurturing others.   but in order to maintain balance, we have to receive care and nurturing to the same degree.  Just as all things in nature flow in a symbiotic rhythm of give and take, we, too, must give and take in equal parts.  We invite you to a day of receiving, in nature, so that you may be replenished, as you continue giving to others.  this interdisciplinary retreat will offer nourishing food, healing activities, and useful information, while cultivating connection to self and others.  some and soothe your mind, body, and soul.  

Healing retreat for breast cancer survivors

in beautiful yelapa, Mexico

Coming June 2022

you survived breast cancer, and you're grateful to be alive.  everyone around you is grateful, too.  they tell you that you did it.  You beat it.  You are all better, and things can return to normal.  except they don't.  

that feeling of invincibility is gone.  you may feel more powerful, now that you've stared a potentially deadly illness in the face and won.  but you also feel more vulnerable.  you know that it could come back for another match, and you are aware that it might not go the same way.  even if you believe that you could win again, the thought of fighting that battle calls up a dread that few can understand.  

your body has endured trauma.  chemo, surgery, and radiation killed the cancer, but they killed a part of you, too.  you may be dealing with chemo brain, early menopause, estrogen depletion, muscle atrophy, scars, pain, neuropathy, weight gain, and other side effects of cancer treatment. 


we get it.  there's a lot to grieve.  there's also a way forward.


we know that getting back to normal isn't a thing after breast cancer.  you have to create a new normal.  now that you've survived, you want to thrive.  we can show you how.   

women's retreat for therapists, healers, and helpers

in beautiful yelapa, Mexico

coming June 2022

As a healer, you spend most of your time giving to and caring for others. It’s your turn to receive. You deserve it, and everyone benefits when you make yourself a priority!


What better way to push reset than spending 7 days and 7 nights in the most picturesque tropical paradise you can imagine? A place where cars and roads do not exist. People and products are moved by boats and mules. The whole town feels like one big, Spanish-speaking family, and I can assure you that you won’t want to leave. The town has only had electricity for nine years. EMFs, light pollution, and crime are almost non-existent.


A visit to Yelapa is like stepping back in time, and it’s hard to feel stress in a place like this. You will experience a new level of safety, get more connected to nature and to yourself, and feel totally pampered. Yes, this really exists. I’ve been there, and I want to take you with me!