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Somatic Support for Chronic Pain and Chronic Illness 

Interactive Process Group

Begins March 2024 | $60

mondays 6:00 - 7:30 pm - online (zoom) 

If you have ever said or thought any of the following statements, this group is for you!  "No one understands my pain."  "My family is tired of hearing it."  "I'm a burden to others." "My body is my enemy."  You don't have to feel hopeless or alone any longer.  This interactive process group is a unique opportunity to receive connection, support, encouragement, feedback, and multiple perspectives from other individuals with similar challenges in a safe and confidential environment.  This is a closed group, which promotes safety and comfort, as members become more familiar with one another over the course of the 8 weeks.  Click here to see the flyer. 


Somatic Support for Chronic Pain and Chronic Illness

open practice group

Begins March 2024 | $20 (free to members of the above process group)

Thursdays 6:00 - 6:45 pm - online (zoom) group

This is an open practice, and anyone may join at any time.  No commitment is required, but participants must pre-register for each session.  Somatic support strategies will be demonstrated and practiced, including guided meditation, gentle movement, guided breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, group hypnosis, and polyvagal toning.  While having a chronic condition is not required to participate, all activities will be adapted for those who do.  Participants will be muted upon entry, and video is optional.  

Click here to see the flyer.  Participants in the related process group may attend the open practice for free, for the duration of the 8-week group.  Others pay $20 per session upon registering.

Sand Tray Therapy Group (for adults 18+)

Begins April 2024 | $60

Sundays 5:00 - 6:30 pm - 5 sessions

Are you looking for a different kind of therapy experience? Tired of talking about the same old stories & repeating the same old patterns? Want to discover what’s been keeping you stuck?

Sand tray is an experiential therapeutic modality, which uses figurines in sand, to help you bring unconscious beliefs, emotions, and associations into consciousness, where they can be processed and utilized to resolve conflicts and overcome obstacles..  Click here to see the flyer. 


process Group for retired college athletes

for female-identifying Adults

Begins spring 2024 | $60

sunday evenings (time tbd) - 6 sessions

As a collegiate athlete, you inevitably devoted years of your life to training and performing at a high level. Your identity was formed around your sport, and teammates were your automatic friends. So what happens when that era comes to an end? Who are you? What do you do now? How do you build community? How do you take care of your mind and body without structured training? Explore these and other topics, in a safe space, with peers who really GET it!  Click here to see the flyer.  

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Group for ALL ADULTS

first & third tuesday of each month 6:15 - 7:15 pm | $30

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) is a healing practice developed by David Emerson and Bessel van der Kolk for survivors of trauma. With an emphasis on embodiment and reclamation of power, TSY offers many unique benefits that set it apart from a regular yoga class. Through learning to calm the mind and regulate physical sensations, survivors can release emotions and stored trauma, gain connection to personal power, and build safety in the body.  Each class is limited to four participants.  

*This practice is for all genders, all levels and all bodies - no prior experience is necessary to participate. Modifications are offered, and participants are encouraged to tailor the practice to their unique bodies. 

Learn more about TSY here, and when you're ready to register for a class, click the button below.


Experiential trauma group (for ALL ADULTS)

wednesdays (12 weeks) 5:00 - 6:30 pm | $80

next group planned to begin Summer 2024

This group offers an immersive, interactive & hands-on experience of therapy to help individuals work through the lingering hurt they have yet to heal. This process will help to identify the specific ways each of us have experienced hurt and shed light on how these past experiences are still impacting us today. Experiential therapeutic methods can begin to release and explore feelings of anger, hurt, or shame that may have been blocked and therefore still linger under the surface. This type of release can be especially powerful regarding the deeply embedded feelings, beliefs, behaviors & memories that result from traumatic experiences of all kinds. With the guidance of a licensed trauma expert & the support of peers in need just like you, this group will help you to gain relief and stability and to construct new meaning related to your personal story.  Please email us to register or inquire.  

professional Women's Process Group 

(Most clients are age 40 - 65 & have demanding, professional careers)

every other Monday 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm | $65.

Please inquire if you think this group could be a fit for you! 

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