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Branch out with Hazel house 

Are you a mental health professional who embodies integrity, authenticity, and warmth in your practice? Are you passionate about creating a nurturing and supportive environment for your clients to thrive? If so, we invite you to apply to be a part of our dynamic team at Hazel House.


Who we are looking for:

Post Master's Therapists: Qualified candidates should hold a master's degree or higher in clinical mental health counseling, clinical social work, marriage and family therapy, or psychology. We warmly welcome recent graduates, even without a license, provided they are eligible for temporary licensure and have submitted their application by the date of hire. We value advanced skills and training, particularly in trauma work, EMDR, somatic therapy, and experiential therapy. 

Master's Level Interns: We offer a comprehensive internship program for students who are completing requirements for their master's degree at an accredited university.  Applicants should have an interest in the aforementioned specialties and the populations listed below.  We offer clinical internships for two reasons - we love teaching and investing in the next generation of therapists, and we also believe that no one should have trouble accessing quality therapy solely because they cannot afford it.  Offering therapy with interns allows us to reduce fees, however much is needed, for clients to attend weekly therapy.  Our interns benefit from our team approach, having access to multiple experienced therapists, and they gain experience in a private practice setting.  We offer numerous benefits aimed at enriching the professional growth and well-being of our interns.

Embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity is fundamental to our business ethos. We wholeheartedly welcome individuals of all races, gender identities, sexual orientation, and cultural backgrounds, recognizing the invaluable richness they bring to our team and community.

Our clients and treatment

  • Adults and adolescents aged 15 and above are our specialty. 

  • Trauma, holistic care, and somatic therapy are at the center of our practice, and our therapists are skilled in various modalities such as EMDR, Brainspotting, IFS, hypnotherapy, psychodrama, attachment therapy, and CBT. 

  • Custom Treatment Plans - Our clients' needs vary, from weekly sessions to more intensive programs, as we strive to provide comprehensive support for those seeking root-cause resolution and deeper insight.


What We Offer:

  • Competitive Compensation:  Employees will have the option to participate in our health insurance plan. 

  • Work-Life Balance: Enjoy a flexible schedule and a supportive work environment that prioritizes your well-being and allows you to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Meaningful Impact: Make a meaningful difference in the lives of your clients, as you guide them on their journey towards healing and self-discovery.

Why choose Hazel House?

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  • Client-Centered Approach: We believe in putting our clients first, tailoring our therapeutic approaches to meet their individual needs and preferences.

  • Integration and Innovation: Embrace a diverse range of modalities and techniques to provide comprehensive and effective care to your clients.

  • Inspiring Environment: Step into our serene sanctuary, where calmness and inspiration abound, creating the perfect space for healing and growth.

  • Collaborative Culture: Join a team of like-minded therapists who value collaboration and support, working together to empower each other and our clients.

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Join our Family

Our team at Hazel House embodies a unique and nurturing culture that sets us apart. Here, our therapists share a genuine love for what they do and support each other wholeheartedly. In our environment, you'll find no drama or competition—only a collaborative spirit where conflicts are addressed swiftly and responsibly.

To ensure we maintain this exceptional culture, we're seeking candidates whose personalities align with our values and who share our dedication to open and honest communication. In addition to seeking individuals with the right clinical skills and experience, we prioritize finding team members who will contribute positively to our dynamic and supportive environment.

When asked to describe the environment at Hazel House, our team members have described our culture with the following words: Full of Integrity, Authentic, Open, Client-centered, Integrative, Calm, Inspiring, Safe, Uplifting, Collaborative, Warm, Dynamic, Nurturing, and Supportive. These descriptors reflect the essence of what it means to be a part of Hazel House—a place where you can thrive both personally and professionally.

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