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Our approach is deeply rooted in ancient wisdom, and in modern science, and we have a healthy respect for both.  While there are many therapists out there who practice from a western psychology framework, and there are many healers who practice alternative medicine, you'd be hard pressed to find another team of individuals who blends the two so seamlessly.  

We are a bright and talented group of practitioners with more certifications than you can count, but there is something even more important - we walk the talk.  We do our own work, we go to therapy, and we dare to look into the darkest corners of our own minds, so that we can venture with you, unafraid, into the darkest corners of yours.  We engage in self-care and a variety of healing practices to fill our own cups so that it may spill over into yours.  We aim to show up fully for each one of our clients, as real, honest, compassionate people - your fellow journeyers - not just experts behind a clipboard.   

Hazel House providers come from a variety of  backgrounds, with different degrees, certifications, work experiences, and personal histories.  This diversity allows us to see problems, and solutions, from many angles.  Our clients reap the benefits of our team approach, since there are multiple decades of collective experience in the room during our treatment team meetings, and we continually support, challenge, and educate one another.

Our approach is different...

 because you deserve

the best. 

It is our sincere belief that an integrative model is the most efficient and effective way to help people heal.  Through our wide array of therapy offerings, we customize your treatment to fit your needs. Each of the treatments we offer provides something unique, and when combined, they are greater than the sum of their parts.  

Contact us today to experience the Hazel House difference.

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