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Our Team

A healer's power

stems not from any special

ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.

-Eric Michael Leventhal


Lindsay E. Vaughn, Psy.D., HSP, CSP


Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Founder and Director -

Hazel House Holistic Healing

Hi, I'm Dr. Lindsay Vaughn. 

I'm a Licensed Psychologist and the founder of

Hazel House Holistic Healing.  In addition to working with my

therapy clients, supervising my students and pre-licensed therapists, and

overseeing the operations of our entire team,

I personally conduct a thorough review of every new client's personal information, provided through our bio-psycho-social questionnaire. 

Using my skills in assessment, developed over 22 years as a psychologist, as well as my intimate knowledge of our services and team members, I develop treatment recommendations and identify which of our team members

are best suited to support you on your journey. 

You can read more about me by clicking here, although I'm unable to

accept any new therapy clients

at this time.    

I'd like to introduce you to my team...

I've shared some of the qualities that stand out about them,

and these are the things that make each of them special to me.  

You can also read a message from them, by clicking on their pictures.  

Berry Hill Therapists

Allison Dowsley, MSW, LCSW


"Alllison brings a nature-loving, poetry-spouting, playful, dancing, nurturing mother vibe to our team. While she loves being silly, and she is usually able to find beauty in pain, she also has a steady strength that allows clients to cry and rage until their heart is clear. Allison has a firey side, too, and she lives out her social work values as a wonderful advocate for her clients." Allison currently has a waitlist for new clients. Click the photo to read a message from Allison!

nashville counselor Carrie Byl EMDR Neurofeedback

Carrie Byl, M.Ed., LPC, MHSP


"Carrie is one of the most kind and patient people you'll ever meet.  Creative, gentle, and wise, she meets clients wherever they are, with love. If you need a calm, compassionate container while you find your way in the world, Carrie may be a great choice for you." Carrie currently has a waitlist for new clients. Click her photo to read a message from Carrie!

Iris headshot.jpg

Iris Dayton, M.Ed., LPC, MHSP


"To put it simply, Iris radiates warmth and kindness. She has a way of making every person feel safe, seen, and accepted. Her big heart and her sharp mind allow her to hold space effectively for even the most difficult stories." Iris has immediate availability for new clients. Click her photo to read a message from Iris!

Madelynn Kraft headshot_edited_edited_ed

Madelynn Kraft, MS, LPC, MHSP (temp)


"Madelynn is incredibly thoughtful, and she brings a ray of sunshine wherever she goes. Still, she's able to sit in the darkest of places, when that is where she needs to meet her clients, for a time. She cares deeply for everyone, and that's exactly why she doesn't shy away from challenging her clients to show up for themselves in therapy." Madelynn has immediate availability for new clients. Click her photo to read a message from Madelynn!

Alex profile_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Alex West, MA


"Alex's impressive accomplishments as a decorated, 20-year Navy SEAL demonstrate his intelligence, grit, and determination. Yet, his humble, intuitive, compassionate approach to therapy will surprise you, because this strong man leads with his heart. He even brings just the right amount of "woo" to fit in wonderfully at Hazel House." Alex has immediate availability for new clients. Click his photo to read a message from Alex!

Rivergate Therapists
Georgia headshot 2023.jpg
Hi Res logo with name_edited.jpg

Jennifer Knowles, MS, LPC-MHSP (temp)

Georgia Bromehead, MS, LPC, MHSP (temp)



"Jennifer's dedication to learning has resulted in a very full therapy "toolbox," the contents of which she generously shares with her clients, in the context of a warm, authentic presence that is client-centered, intentional, and steady. Her background as an art teacher shows her creativity, patience, and knack for explaining things!" Jennifer has immediate availability for new clients. Click her photo to read a message from Jennifer!


"Georgia has an open mind and a seeking soul, and she is excited by joining her clients on their journeys of discovery. Georgia invites clients into deep conversation and explores difficult material while also bringing a joyful vibe, infused with humor and authenticity. Georgia has immediate availability for new clients. Click her photo to read a message from Georgia!


Coming soon!

Non-Clinical Staff

shannon8 (1 of 1).png

Shannon Reyes


Office Manager

Intake Coordinator

"As a social worker, Shannon wants to make things easier for those around her. She keeps us organized behind the scenes, and she helps our clients, by warmly guiding them through the process of scheduling their first appointment, and later handling administrative tasks with a smile. Loving and patient, Shannon is the glue that holds it all together at Hazel House." Click her photo to read a message from Shannon!

Meagan Duncan


Director of Operations 

Holistic Health Coaching


"Meagan's friendly smile and warm demeanor lead others to feel instantly safe with her. Her vast knowledge of all things wellness also make her an incredible resource for our clients. She does everything with heart, whether she is guiding her health coaching clients toward their goals, supporting our staff behind the scenes, or ensuring that our neurofeedback clients feel comfortable, while maximizing their treatment gains. Meagan also goes the extra mile to make sure our spaces offer safety, comfort, and/or inspiration for our clients and team members alike." Click her photo to read a message from Meagan!

Clinical Counseling Interns 

Nolan 1_edited_edited.jpg

Rachel Dorner


Master's Student -
Lipscomb University
Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback

Nolan Moss


Master's Student -

Vanderbilt University

Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback

Kelly bio pic_edited.jpg

Kelly Phillips


Master's Student -

Lipscomb University

Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback

Mitchel Bio_edited.jpg

Mitchel Pendergast


Master's Student -

Grand Canyon University

Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback

yasmina bio.jpeg

Yasmina C...


Master's Student -

Vanderbilt University

Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback

Caltabiano HH Photo_1_edited.jpg

Marty Caltabiano


Master's Student -

Austin Peay State University

Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback

If you are interested in a service not represented here, please contact us. 

We would be happy to recommend a trusted practitioner in the community.  

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