• Lisa Kammerud

Spring Energy and your Body!

They say that Spring is the season for cleaning, and you may notice that the animals and plants all around you are in a state of renewal and change, too. From my perspective as an acupressurist, this is one of those beautiful moments when ancient wisdom and cliché wisdom seem to line up!

In Winter, many animals and plants experience hibernation, dormancy, or reduced activity and engagement with the outside world. Then, Spring heralds a new beginning. Animals come out of hibernation, perennials sprout new growth, and brand new life emerges, as seeds germinate and animals reproduce. This Spring energy is both powerful and stubborn, as one can see in the persistence of weeds that push through sidewalks and birds who put forth great effort to build their nests, protect their eggs, and feed their growing babies.

According to the ancient Taoist framework from which acupressure theory stems, every season is associated with an element in nature, and that elemental energy has a corresponding flow in our bodies. Spring is the season of Wood energy, which symbolizes growth, forward motion, and becoming what we are meant to be, as well as the motivation, perspective, and will to back that up.

In our bodies, the Wood energy of Spring is associated with our Gall Bladder and Liver meridians. This energy helps us whenever we need to focus on growth, navigate changes, make decisions, or assert ourselves, in order to become who we were meant to be. This energy can also result in frustration or anger when we face obstacles to our growth, or a lack of motivation, clarity, or decisiveness. While humans navigate these issues year-round, of course, we are likely to feel this energy more intensely in the Spring.

What to do with all this energy - or lack thereof?

I recommend having some extra compassion for your being and your body in this season. People often experience the transition from Winter to Spring as moving from a quieter, slower period into increased social engagement and activity. This year, especially, we are feeling the change, since most of us have spent the past year in a period of reduced activity, and in some ways, it's felt like an extremely long 'winter.' This year, more than ever, it's very common for people to have an incredible amount of pent-up energy for doing, becoming, and ACTION, which can serve you well if your action is balanced with self-care, and your growth with self-acceptance.

I invite you to meet your frustration with self-compassion, also. You may be finding it more difficult than usual to find clarity, motivation, or assertiveness. It is understandable, or even expected, in these unprecedented times, whether one resonates with the wisdom of acupressure theory or the awareness of social, political, and medical realities of this particular Spring season. All of these realities may create an intensity of energy that requires more rest than usual to feel ready for the change and growth ahead.

Additionally, look for ways to move the energy if it feels excessive. One way is through sound, by yelling or singing. You can also move energy through physical activity, such as walking, dancing, exercise, or even just jumping up and down! If you feel a lack of energy or motivation, you may want to lean into your support networks and communities, where you may find opportunities to play, brainstorm, vent, and possibly rest. Additionally, whether you find yourself having too much or too little energy, you may find more balance through psychotherapy or bodywork sessions, so it's a great time to start the process or treat yourself to some extra sessions.

In my work, I am inviting my clients – and I invite you now – to allow the ebb and flow of energy, intensity, and frustration, and to balance that with extra rest and care. Doing so will facilitate renewal and also honor the tremendous work that navigating growth and change requires in our day-to-day lives, and in this particularly challenging – and exciting – Spring of 2021.

If you'd like to support your energy and your body this Spring, contact us today!

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