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  • Dr. Lindsay E. Vaughn, licensed clinical psychologist, founder and director of Hazel House

Neurofeedback quickly produces lasting results

Did you know that just 20 sessions of neurofeedback can make a significant difference in the symptoms of many disorders, from OCD to ADHD to PTSD to depression?

Have you ever had the experience of wearing an outfit that you love, and then later seeing a photo of yourself wearing that outfit, and you realize it looks terrible? The feedback you get from the photo influences how or whether you wear that outfit again. Neurofeedback works by converting brain waves in certain parts of the brain into images and sounds, which are displayed by a computer. Those images and sounds serve like a mirror, or a photograph, to show the brain what it's doing. The brain will then adjust itself to be more in line with optimal health, because our brains and bodies are always striving for health! It's that simple, and it's surprisingly effective!

Colleagues, we are happy to work with your clients while they continue their psychotherapy with you. In our experience, clients are more motivated and are able to go deeper in their work once the primary symptoms improve. We have found that it makes the therapy more rewarding for them and for us. Win-Win!

Learn more about BrainPaint - our preferred neurofeedback system

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