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  • Dr. Lindsay E. Vaughn, licensed clinical psychologist, founder and director of Hazel House

Love is in the Air

February brings us Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air! That’s not limited to romantic

love, of course, since we can also love ourselves, our family, our friends, and if we’re lucky, our colleagues. I guess that makes me pretty lucky then (and proud), since I have brought together individuals that I truly love to be on the Hazel House team. Each team member brings something special to the table and offers services that are integral to a holistic healing process. Our clients who choose to engage with multiple services and multiple providers reap the benefits of an integrative approach, and we have been honored to watch the healing unfold.

It’s apparent to our clients and our colleagues in the community that we have a great bunch of therapists and coaches at Hazel House, who possess and utilize a wide array of professional skills and talents. What may be less obvious, though, is that our team members are also really neat and interesting people. When we are not working, you might find some of our team members painting, writing poetry, taking photographs, designing interior spaces, crafting, cooking five-course meals, dancing, making music, horseback-riding, creek-stomping, bird-watching, hiking, camping, or kayaking. We are all unique, of course, and yet we all share a belief that creative pursuits and spending time in nature are key to building resilience and being happier, healthier people who can show up more fully in our work.

With this wealth of both personal and professional knowledge and experience right under our fingertips, it’s about time we started a Hazel House blog. In our blog, you’ll find helpful articles packed with information you can use, inspirational stories, and opportunities to learn more about our team members and how we choose to nurture our own minds, bodies, and souls in everyday life.

I am personally looking forward to sharing more of myself with our community of clients, colleagues, and Nashville neighbors. But even more, I’m thrilled that our readers will have access to the hearts and minds of such a wonderful, caring, creative bunch of healers whom I love so much!

Thanks for reading! We’d love to know what you think - or if there is a topic you’d like to see us write about - please send us an email and let us know.

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